stairs and shadows

At noon, with the sun high overhead, everything looks flat because the shadows don’t stretch out to either side. Unless, that is, there is room for the shadows to stretch down. And here in the city, in the canyons between buildings, the unexpected shadows reveal an Escher-like world when the sun is high overhead.

Taken on May 21, 2010


2 thoughts on “stairs and shadows

  1. Hi E.g. and welcome back to the land of blog. That is a beautiful photo of a grand, old brick building and the red door is a wonderful focal point. When I look at old buildings I am aways fascinated to see how things have evolved – bricked in windows and blocked doors that no longer serve their original purpose. I assume that steel stairway is a fire escape for the building. I don’t see those in Melbourne

  2. Thanks for dropping by, livingisdetail! I see a lot of buildings uptown that have bricked-up windows and doors, but I guess I haven’t really thought about what they must have looked like “in their heyday”. Now I’m intrigued at the idea of showing that potential in a photo. I’ll see what I can find…!

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