I was away from this city for a long time, but whenever I came back for a visit, I would take a few minutes to drive this hilly road. Highland Road does not go far, but it is steep and winding. It leads out from the North End and up along the top of the steep cliffs overlooking the Narrows, where the St. John River turns a sharp corner before flowing past Indiantown and Marble Cove and then rushing into the harbour at Reversing Falls (except at high tide, when the harbour rushes upriver instead). The road doesn’t so much end as peter out; the pavement stops but a rough dirt road continues around the corner. I know if I follow it, I will find the foundations of old houses and the detritus left behind by the people who used to live here, who settled along the river when the river was the only road, when the river and the forest provided everything. One day I will keep going, past the end of the road, and see for myself.
Taken on April 9, 2010

4 thoughts on “highland

  1. what a wonderful find! I really like your work. there is a lightness to it that is inspiring.
    i only just figured out 2 days ago how to add a subscribe button to my blog so that folks are notified every time the blog is updated. perhaps i am being lazy to look properly, but do you have a subscribe button?:)

  2. yasserbooley – thanks for your visit and kind comment. You can subscribe in the comments section, but I’ve now added a subscribe form in my sidebar as well.
    Artswebshow – thanks for dropping by!

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