the clouds and Heather Knutsen

One of the things I like best about living next to the sea is the fact that there is more sky. You can stand right there, under harbour bridge where I took this photo, and watch the shipping traffic and the harbour seals, then look out toward the harbour mouth and wait for the brief flash from the lighthouse on Partridge Island. Along the horizon a line of tankers wait to dock at the Canaport and LNG terminals. On a clear day, you can see Nova Scotia across the Bay of Fundy, a low line of hills tucked between the sea and sky. And the sky stretches over everything.

Taken on April 16, 2010


2 thoughts on “the clouds and Heather Knutsen

    • Thanks for dropping by, lavenderbay! Yes, peaceful… but certainly not sleepy. The pace of life is slower, traffic jams are fewer, people tend to have more time to stop for a chat. Although it’s a small city, it’s still busy — just look at all the roadwork, not to mention active neighbourhood associations and cultural events.

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