tight fit

I remember it was raining. I was walking with my camera, with the lens cap off and my finger on the shutter release, taking random photos along the street. Then I stopped and looked up. I had been wanting to capture an image of this building, but I was puzzled how to show its size. Then I realized that it doesn’t matter, that the building has a petite charm all its own, a perfectly balanced sense of itself. So in the end, I didn’t have to do anything except take the photo, and smile at my yellow rain jacket dimly reflected in the window.

Taken on May 7, 2009


4 thoughts on “tight fit

  1. Hi Yasser – well, that’s a good question. Most of the buildings in this area were constructed following the great fire of 1877, so I’m assuming it would be the late 1800s. Someone with an architecture background would be able to recognize the style. If I find out more info, I’ll update the post. Thanks for asking!

  2. What a charming little building. I really like the segments of neighboring buildings in the photo, as well as the sky. And yes, your yellow rain jacket reflected in the window is another nice capture.

  3. designhouse9 — I find there’s a lot of charm to the wood frame houses here, and a lot of uniqueness. Thanks for visiting — I’m impressed that you looked closely enough to see me reflected in the window!

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