Fort Howe

As long as I can remember, this square fort — a replica of the original 18th-century blockhouse — has stood at the top of a high rocky hill guarding the harbour. Fort Howe is part of the city’s landscape — a favourite vantage-point for fireworks and sunsets, a place to park and eat a hot and greasy package of fish and chips while looking at a fine view. It’s almost always windy up on top of the hill, and with that high view looking across the bay, it feels like being on the bridge of a tall ship, anchored in the past, looking forward to the future.

Taken on November 11, 2009


4 thoughts on “Fort Howe

  1. Hello Hiroki — thanks for dropping by! I took this photo just after sunrise (which was, at that time of year, about 8:40 a.m.), that’s why the sky is still so dark. I lightened the foreground to draw attention to the fort. I’m glad you like it!

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