living in a shadow

Imagine a city without trees, where concrete and tar turn apartment blocks into ovens. Imagine a city without sky, where you can’t tell the weather without watching TV. Imagine a city where parking lots are the only parks, where pigeons are the only birds, where everyone spends their whole lives indoors. Now stop. Look out your closest window: do you see a tree? Do you see sky or something green and alive? Good. Now turn off your computer, go outside and play.

Taken on June 21, 2009


2 thoughts on “living in a shadow

  1. Ha, yasser, you’re quick off the mark this morning! Thanks for your comment — what I wrote is a reminder as much for me as anyone. I spend way too much time indoors in front of the computer… like now, for example… must get outside. Now! šŸ™‚

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