three red cars

There is an art to intersections, to driving in the city. Urban traffic has a syncopated rhythm: hurry – waaaait, stop – go! Weaving between lanes and lines is the rhumba of highways. The dance of intersections is the rhythm of the city, as you move from one set of lights to the next in an extended waltz with different partners. Cars, of course, prefer fast highways and country roads, with wide-open vistas and no stop sign in sight. As drivers, we are easily seduced by speed. We prefer open spaces and back roads, reluctant to bow to the slow dance of intersections where there are rules and courtesies and we have to wait, for a moment, for our turn.

Taken on June 15, 2010


2 thoughts on “three red cars

    • The coincidence of red was what attracted me as well, Lavenderbay. I only had a split second to take this shot when I saw the red cars all together, heading through the intersection. I’d never have caught it if I wasn’t already on the spot, taking photos. I like this kind of serendipity! Thanks for dropping by!

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