Old Indiantown

Another rainy day, another grey sky, another day of being inside, looking out. Another day of puddles on the street, dripping umbrellas at work, and the smell of wet dogs at home. The streets — so full of life on sunny days — are sodden, dull and dreary. And here at the heart of the city, in old Indiantown where Main Street begins, there is no movement, no life, no human form in sight. Only the houses have eyes; they are the watchers, the keepers of time.

Taken on April 9, 2010


2 thoughts on “Old Indiantown

  1. I love this photo, the buildings look resigned and the atmosphere is very moody. It always seems strange to me too when cold weather comes, and people disappear from the streets. I have been noticing that here as we trudge through winter in Melbourne. I am enjoying seeing St John through your photographs and commentary. It is a beautiful town and rich with history.

  2. livingisdetail – Thanks for dropping by! Here in Saint John, with the morning sun already warm on the cusp of summer, it’s hard to image winter in Melbourne (ok, it would be hard to imagine in the middle of our winter, too).
    I’m glad you commented on the mood in this photo. I am often reluctant to show dark images, thinking that no one likes to be reminded of sad gloomy days. You have helped to remind me that the “rich in history” bit includes both light and shadow, that sunshine and sadness are part of who we are today.

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