There are faces in strange places when you wander the steep streets uptown. This cat-bat-creature is only one of a whole host of grinning and gruesome faces carved into the stonework. They are so easy to miss — passersby have so much on their mind — but when you spot them, they make you smile. And they make me wonder: who were these careful carvers, and what library of art did these faces spring from? Were they caricatures of people they knew, or common symbols from gargoyle history that would be understood by the common people? Did they have a meaning to convey, or were they just entertainment? I don’t know the answers, and I suppose I love the mystery of them, the history they hint at with their weathered eyes.

Taken on June 26, 2009


4 thoughts on “gargoyle

    • Thanks, artwebshow, I’m glad you stopped to comment! There were a lot of people’s faces carved on this building, and a few other creature gargoyles, but this one seems to have weathered the erosion of time better than some of the others.

  1. Ahh, they don’t make buildings like they used to. The steel/chrome/glass look just can’t offer the interest of these older places with their displays of the work of skilled masons.

    • I agree, barefootheart, although I admit that I do like the amount of light that comes into the new steel/chrome/glass buildings. I think the finely crafted older buildings with style AND generously tall windows have the best of both worlds. Thanks for dropping by!

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