morning commute

I laughed the first time someone told me that the traffic was bad in Saint John. Ha, I retorted, this is nothing like Toronto! Living here, you can get everywhere in the city in 10 minutes, so what’s to complain about? That’s probably not the best way to respond to Saint Johners, who — unless they’ve actually lived “away” — will already be harbouring a grudge against Toronto, and all of central Canada to be honest, for taking away all the industry that used to be here, leaving the Maritimes with a declining population and economic base. Well, of course that’s ancient history now, I mean we wouldn’t know what to do with woolen mills now even if they had stayed here, but Saint Johners have long memories. Long memories and a tendency to complain about the traffic.

Taken on June 22, 2010

2 thoughts on “morning commute

  1. Hey lavenderbay, it looks like my urban cool photo processing has fooled you. But look again, up to the houses on the hill — that’s the edge of a bank of fog you see, good ol’ maritime fog, not smog! As for me, I’m glad it’s not like Toronto here. Thanks for dropping by!

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