horses on the hill

Ever since I can remember, there have been horses at Rockwood Park. This huge park — spanning a vast acreage of mixed forests, lakes and trails from Mount Pleasant to Millidgeville — has something for everyone: horses, paddleboats, swimming, skating (in the winter), golfing, a zoo and a dog park. I remember how much I enjoyed the sleigh rides and the whole family out on the ice, my mother leaning on my father’s arm — as we skated to the sound of waltzes piped from the Lily Lake Pavilion. There was even a ski hill, but it closed when the winters became too mild. I loved all these outdoor activities, but I would have liked to ride the horses as well. I think I was drawn to the romance, the idea of the freedom and friendship that typified girl-and-horse stories. But I suppose my parents didn’t love the idea of paying for riding lessons, or the possibility of broken bones (doesn’t everyone fall off at least once?). Still, I think I would enjoy riding… maybe I’ll visit the horses in Rockwood Park one of these days and sign up for lessons.

Taken on November 1, 2009


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