I’ve been exploring lately, trying to push myself to go beyond “the usual” photos. I’m an opportunist by nature, relying on observation and a fast lens to snap whatever catches my eye. Although my photostream includes some lovely images, few were due to any planning on my part, any consideration of taking that photo at this time of day. So I’ve decided to start a list of favourite spots around Saint John that would make good subjects for a considered composition, rather than just a quick capture. And we’ll see what develops…

Taken on May 3, 2010

4 thoughts on “prowl

    • I agree, barefootheart — the details are at the heart of photography aren’t they, the everyday wonders of life… I am gradually training myself to focus on the specific detail that caught my eye in the first place rather than trying to include everything. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and take a moment to think over the point of the picture, the “why” — but when I do, it results in a better image. Thanks for dropping by!

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