I wouldn’t want to deliver mail in this city, at least until you get to know the neighbourhood inside out. Here you have two doors, three doorbells, three numbers. There’s a mail slot in each door, plus two boxes. Well, that should be as easy as one-two-three. Right? Well, if there’s a 2B and a 3C, does that mean there’s a 1B, a 1C and a 2C? If so, that door on the left — is that 1A, 1B or 1C? This is beginning to sound like a dance lesson. And it’s not just apartments. There are streets that change names halfway through — no explanation and sometimes no sign. The street address for our house doesn’t match the sign at the corner, and the people across the road live on a different street. Sometimes, when there’s a substitute carrier on the route, the mail goes astray. I’m glad we have good neighbours.

Taken on August 5, 2010


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