Tucker Park

This small sandy cove along the Kennebecasis River used to be a busy beach in the summertime. I remember we used to take our bikes, or sometimes we’d walk, taking the path that cut across the field and through the woods. The water is not too cold — not nearly as cold as the Bay of Fundy. It used to be a full service park, with a raft out on the water, and an ice-cream truck. I even took swimming lessons there one summer. Now there’s not even a privy or a garbage can, but people still go there. It felt good to see a few people there the other day, spending a warm afternoon at the beach, just like I remember.

Taken on April 6, 2010


2 thoughts on “Tucker Park

  1. it is amazing how places change from the memory we have of it. which was one of the things i loved about film photography. when what you thought you captures meets what you actually shot, and the difference that some times occurred.

  2. Yes, I find that my memory of events and the photographs sometimes don’t match… I’ve been meaning to look through some of my old pictures — I might find some surprises there!
    Thanks for dropping by, yasserbooley!

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