at the bakery

I seldom buy grocery store bread, with uniformly sliced loaves that stay unnaturally fresh for a week. I prefer something with more flavour and chewiness, a loaf that is still warm from the oven and could easily be demolished in one sitting, inhaled by chunks torn off by hand, or sliced with butter and honey, or accompanied by a hunk of good sharp cheese and a juicy apple.

Last week, I bought a loaf of nut and raisin bread here at this market bakery, along with two delicious cinnamon brioche. They didn’t last long.

Today I’ve decided to make my own bread, a sesame cheddar loaf that is already rising. When it is in the oven, I will open the windows and strangers will stop and turn, drawn by the warm fragrance. And the whole neighbourhood will come to our door and I will welcome them in to share our bread.

Taken on August 13, 2010


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