fresh veg

I like to buy local produce, whenever possible. It’s not because the “100 mile diet” is the latest craze, and I don’t distrust the quality of foods grown in other places. I buy local for two reasons: to support local family farmers, who can’t make a living off their farms as it is, and because the food is almost always fresher. Just think: these cobs of corn have not travelled halfway across the continent to get here, they were picked just up the road near Oak Point. They should be fresher!

Grocery stores carry local farm produce as well — they’ve been talking up their local suppliers lately — and, let’s face it, grocery store produce is often cheaper than buying from a market stall like this one. The local store had fresh local cauliflower on sale for 95 cents a head yesterday, but we went out to the market and bought two for $5. Why? Because I gave that money directly to the farmer, and I’m sure the two huge heads of cauliflower were worth it. I wonder how much the famers who sell to the grocery chain get for their cauliflower?

Taken on August 13, 2010

4 thoughts on “fresh veg

  1. I agree, it just makes sense to buy local produce while it is in season. Sometimes the produce looks so fabulous I feel like I am cheating the seller, the asking price seems like such a bargain for the work involved.

    • I know what you mean. And it makes me wonder whether this perfect vegetable you see at the market is the best of a batch of slightly flawed ones that have to stay home. I would think these premium veg should fetch a premium price. Or maybe I have a thing for homely veg, like the bags of “ugly potatoes” we saw at the market.

  2. Love the shallow depth of field on this one.
    There is something so clean and cool about the light in so many of your photos. Is that characteristic of the light in St. John or your style?? I just had the same thought about the greyish light on “playground”…

    • Thanks, Terra. That’s funny that you’ve mentioned the light — you’re not the first to say that — but I don’t really see it. It’s just there, y’know? Still, I know the air here is much cleaner and smells fresher than Toronto! I think it’s the sea… I love being near the sea again.

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