There’s no question of reconciliation. The siding is different, the doors are different, the steps are on different levels. The colours clash, the decorative details don’t match, the parking signs don’t even agree. Yet here we are: two neighbours with adjoining walls, sharing the same side of the street, the same views from the front steps, the same noises and cooking smells. Maybe it’s important to maintain some difference, and keep our separate ways, separate.

Taken on May 7, 2009


2 thoughts on “divided

  1. When I was growing up, there were two houses down the street that were painted in the same year. One neighbour thrust with bright purple and the neighbour parried with bright scarlet red! It certainly was eye-catching.

    There is one thing your houses have in common. They could both use fresh paint. The parking signs are particulary intreguing.

    • Bright purple and scarlet red! Oh my… Still, much better than a street of white houses with bland trim, in my opinion.

      Re the paint — there are still a lot of frame (as yet un-vinyled) houses here, but the winter takes a heavy toll. Even the fanciest houses always look like they need a touch-up.

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