Main Street

This wide street was once lined with houses and businesses. It begins where the river ferry once docked at Indian Town and heads in a beeline for the uptown core, connecting the city’s North End and its South End. In the 1970s, when huge population and economic growth was predicted for Saint John, the city widened the old street to allow for the increased traffic. Now it’s not a destination but a thoroughfare. Instead of connecting the North End, Main Street now isolates it. This six-lane road and the nearby highway have carved a moat between the North End and the central city. No wonder the newly created Harbour Passage walkway around the harbour has become so important — it’s the only walking route into the uptown which doesn’t require pedestrians to travel via a dusty and noisy concrete-and-car desert.

Taken on August 26, 2010


2 thoughts on “Main Street

    • I think cars were supposed to make life easier — you know, like washing machines — and they have. They’ve made it easier to live farther away from work, stretching urban services designed for dense populations to the breaking point. They’ve made it easier to die instantly. They’ve made it easier to find a use for all that excess oil and empty space that wasn’t being used for much anyway (farmland being so cheap and all). They’ve made it easier… but have they made it better?

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