foggy future

You are on a bridge, looking toward the future. What do you see? Is there a corner, or a window, or a door? Do you know where you are going, and where you’ll end up when you cross that bridge? It’s foggy over there, and if you looked the other direction, toward the past, it will be foggy there, too. You think you can see the present clearly, but it’s foggy where you’re standing as well, although it’s not immediately obvious. Just take a few steps, look back and you’ll see it. And you’ll also see a little farther ahead, each step you take. Don’t rely only on your eyes; use your ears and your sense of touch. Listen to the voice inside you. Follow where your heart leads and all will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well.

Taken on August 20, 2010


9 thoughts on “foggy future

  1. Pshaw, no missing planks on this bridge, lavenderbay. But I suppose you’re right in proposing that there are more directions than forward or back… up or down are valid options, as are left and right (and while we’re in the realm of the theoretical, there are likely an infinite variety of combinations thereof). Whichever direction you choose, however, you can be sure that it is still foggy.

    BTW, thanks!

    • barefootheart — I can definitely see the connection. I occasionally quote it – along with “behind every silver lining is a cloud” — but it’s more of a joke than a warning for me, the eternal optimist that I am. I’d choose the “half full” glass over the “half empty” glass anyday!

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