cotton candy

Fairgrounds and cotton candy are almost inseparable. When I was younger, I needed one serving of cotton candy each year, to complete the experience of going to “the Ex”, just like I needed one day on the beach to properly appreciate the summer weather. In recent years, I haven’t always made it to the fairgrounds, let alone the beach; time just seems to have been speeding up. But yesterday, it was too perfect an evening to stay home. So we went out to “the Ex” — the one I remember from my childhood — and strolled by the brightly lit rides and the carnies at their games, and soaked in the fun atmosphere. We visited the chickens and the drooping flower displays and watched the dog agility demonstration. But this time I bypassed the cotton candy and chose a caramel apple instead. It was delicious.

Taken on September 1, 2010


3 thoughts on “cotton candy

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    • Too sweet, I agree — I certainly can’t eat like a teenager anymore! The apple was nice and tart, though, once I’d chewed through the superbly gooey caramel… Thanks for dropping by, Leanne!

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