smokers’ circle

When I was going to school, it seemed that everyone smoked. I was used to smelling cigarette smoke in school hallways, buses, donut shops and public buildings. When I hung out with my friends after school, there were always a few smokers in the crowd. But now that information about the dangers of second-hand smoke is well-known, there are strict no-smoking regulations and smoke-free environments. I’ve become used to cleaner air, and now I notice the slightest waft of smoke from a nearby cigarette. Of course some people still smoke, and if you’re a smoker you are free to make your choice, but I’ve been hoping that smoking is going out of style. But maybe I’m just out of touch; although smoking is less visible in regulated public spaces, maybe nothing has really changed at all.

Taken on August 23, 2010


8 thoughts on “smokers’ circle

    • Thanks, Emily, for stopping to comment. I know people who have stopped smoking when they had kids, because they’ve taken their responsibility as parents seriously enough to curtail a few bad habits. Kudos to them!

  1. I agree, I notice it more now than before. It’s certainly a bothersome smell. The disturbing thing about the photo is not the encouragement of cancer ;), it is the baby forced to participate. Sad, really.

    • Yes, the baby does seem to be the forgotten one here, even though s/he is at the centre of the circle. Perhaps it’s not quite as bad as it looks; since they are outdoors, maybe the smoke is all blowing in the other direction. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Cheryl!

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