missing the beach

I didn’t get to the beach this summer. We could have packed a picnic lunch and the dogs and some toys and found a sandy spot to sit and enjoy the sun and the sea. There were some glorious summer days, and we did had time to spare. We had time to putter out in the garden, except for a few days when it was too hot to do much of anything at all. But the time slipped away.

Now that summer is at an end, I’m beginning to remember what it’s like to be cold and to have to wear multiple warm layers whenever I go outside. I’m beginning to see the calendar fill up and the busy days that lie ahead. And I’m beginning to think I should have gone to the beach, at least once.

Taken on August 23, 2010


4 thoughts on “missing the beach

  1. love this shot, colour of the sky, nice composition. I prefer to visit the beach in the colder weather, less people, better photo opportunities. Time always has a way of sneaking past us very quickly, especially when we get older, I’ve noticed.

    • The beach is completely different when it’s not crowded… I think you are right; it is a better experience, especially for taking photos and long walks beside the water, collecting shells and polished stones… Thanks, Leanne, for your thoughtful comment.

    • You’re right, barefootheart, I wasn’t paying close attention to the calendar, and the time slipped away. So no beach this year, but for the first time ever, a whole summer in our own backyard, so I don’t feel I’ve missed out entirely!

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