Fergus meets the lady in red

When I take my camera for a walk, I tend to see differently. I notice light and shadows, lines and shapes, small personal details that tell a story. When I take Fergus as well, my walk is less predictable. We’ll linger in some places and rush by others. We might investigate the bushes at the side of the roadway, or run exuberantly up a steep hill (both of us panting at the top). He’s an energetic walking companion, ensuring I get more exercise than I would without him, and he’s mostly good at sitting and staying while I’m taking a photo, except when there’s a cat. Yesterday evening when we went for a walk, there were five cats… or maybe four cats and one Something Else. I only had time to take three photos, but what interesting stories we had to tell when we arrived home again!

Taken on August 5, 2010

7 thoughts on “Fergus meets the lady in red

    • I’m not sure what it was, livingisdetail — all I saw was something black fleeing into the shadows, and Fergus’ reaction. I don’t think it was a skunk or a porcupine, with that speed, but it could have been a racoon.

      Nice to hear from you — thanks for dropping by!

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