Did you hear about a teenager who refused to use her cellphone? Apparently her mom cut off her texting minutes, so the teenager said her cellphone was useless and left it at home.

It seems that telephone lines — that is, those black cables strung on bare poles for millions of miles in every direction across country — are now useful only because they carry fiber optics. Gone are the days of party lines and operators, phone extensions and rotary dials. I suppose it won’t be long before people dispense with cables altogether in favour of radio and satellite coverage. But if every electronic and communications gadget now being produced depends on wireless connectivity, why is it that those “wires” don’t get crossed? How do I know what really happens when I send an electronic signal into the ether? I guess I should have paid more attention in physics class!

Taken on June 15, 2010


4 thoughts on “lifelines

    • Never fear, LB, if wait a little while, electronics will lose their lustre and “ordinary” phones will be back in style. In fact, just the other day, I heard a telephone-style ring on a cellphone. Watch for the new desktop model rotary-dial phone fad coming to a store near you!

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