you are here

It’s so easy to live a nomadic life, here in North America. People change jobs, change cities, move clear across the continent from one ocean to another, or continue moving from one country to another. You might grow up in Omemee and end up in Shubenacadie or Pongapong or Novosibirsk. My dad grew up in Auckland and ended up here, in Saint John, halfway around the world. Why here? Well, there was this girl he met on a boat in the middle of the ocean… but that’s another story.

So this is where my story started, here in Saint John. And even though I left — and eventually returned — this place was always with me. I think that’s the way it is sometimes, the way we carry a place with us, rooted in our psyche. No matter where you are, you will always be here.

Taken on August 26, 2010


9 thoughts on “you are here

  1. Wow! Look at that sign! Saint John is just like Hollywood. Who knew?

    I lived my whole life in the western GTA area before moving here. But you know, everything has changed so much out there, with the huge growth in population, in many ways my new location seems more like the place I remember from my youth than the GTA does now. You don’t always have to move to encounter a new world.

    • Yes, I love this sign — Saint John has always had illusions (or ambitions) of greatness!

      And that’s an interesting point about the way places change, barefootheart — it sounds like your new location is a home in every sense of the word!

  2. Auckland, New Zealand?? Wow small world, I was raised in Auckland, but left with my husband 17 years ago, as a job opportunity bought us here (this was also part of that “dream” we’d had). Even though this is home, our girls were raised here, New Zealand is always still with me. We possibly will return one day.

    • Oh wow, an Auckland connection — it is a small world! If I had a choice to live anywhere else in the world, it would be New Zealand. Partly because of my father’s adventurous stories, and also since I’ve had the privilege of visiting several times, the country reminds me so much of home, a younger Canada in so many ways. I would be perfectly happy right now sipping a flat white in a Wellington cafe!

  3. Umm, the girl in the middle of the ocean isn’t a different story at all. Your dad’s still here because his girl’s still here with him. Personally, I’m weary of nomadism; I hope my move to Saint John, made for the same reason as your dad made his, will be as permanent.

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