that summery feeling

There are a few memories I’d like to take into winter with me. I’d like to remember the hot breeze on my forehead, the warm sun against my back. I’d like to remember the whispering of the pines and the tinkling of the poplar leaves as they dance in the wind. I’d like to remember the hot sand beneath the soles of my feet, and the soft grass tickling my bare toes. I’d like to remember this: standing (carefully) in the dappled shade of a thorn tree, hearing the buzz of flies circling lazily in the noonday sun, gazing at the wide open field under blue blue skies.

Taken on August 11, 2010


4 thoughts on “that summery feeling

  1. and I’d like to take those thoughts into summer with me. We’ve had the coldest winter in 15 years and it’s still going… so much for spring. Still when I do see a blossom that’s struggling, it does make me smile and wish it extra strength to keep on growing.

    Lovely shot, love the depth of field.

    • It must be hard to cope with cold temperatures if you’re not well prepared (psychologically and physically). I hope your cold snap snaps soon — here’s wishing you have an especially mild spring to make up for it!

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