gathering in

It’s officially autumn. Overnight, it seems, leaves have started falling. Patches of yellow and red are appearing on the green hills. The market smells like fresh apples.

I remember a greeting card I was given a long time ago. “Stay out of the park: the squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter” it said. And so they are, we are all gathering in, picking the last of the produce from the garden, making green tomato pickle because the tomatoes have not ripened, buying squash and pumpkins while they are cheap and plentiful, storing what we can of summer’s bounty for the cold months ahead.

Taken on October 17, 2009


6 thoughts on “gathering in

    • I’m pleased to hear that spring has finally arrived down under, Leanne — enjoy!
      When I lived in Toronto, the grey/black squirrels were so numerous they were considered pests. It’s mostly red squirrels here, and they are cuter and less troublesome.

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