ready for Hallowe’en

Although most of us think we follow a 12-month calendar, practically speaking, that’s not how we follow the year at all. Kids will mark time by birthdays and holidays, Hallowe’en and Christmas, school start and school finish. Gardeners follow the seasons — frost free date, planting, watering, harvesting, frost date, dreaming, and seed ordering — though I suspect flower gardeners have a completely different calendar. Other common calendars revolve around specific sports, or dog shows, or fashion. There is the “Hallmark” calendar, the “red letter day” calendar (international religious festivals and holidays and other special events), the liturgical calendar (with colour coding, eg. red for Pentecost, blue for Christmas), the wiccan calendar (solstice celebrations and Beltane), the birder’s calendar (migration season, nesting season, etc) and many others. If you put all these calendars together, you would have more than enough to celebrate every day of the year!

What calendars do you follow?

Taken on September 23, 2010


6 thoughts on “ready for Hallowe’en

  1. I like this shot! The colors are highlighted just where they’re supposed to be, and it really puts me in a Halloween mood! My kids are definitely ready for some trick-or-treating, it’ll be my little one’s first time!

    • Thanks! It looks like the stores are thinking about Hallowe’en as well, or at least there seem to be lots of pumpkins! It sounds like trick-or-treating will be big this year in your neighbourhood — how exciting for you, and your son!

    • That “thing I do” is just a bit of selective desaturation, barefootheart — I’m glad you like it!

      In terms of seasons, I don’t have an excuse to be school-oriented, but I still feel a little bit of excitement at the beginning of September!

  2. I love the use of selective colour on this, nice shot and details.

    As far as the calender goes, now that I don’t have children in school, it’s just the normal January to December calender for us, with everyone hanging out for their Christmas Break.

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