running away from autumn

Every fall I go through the same symptoms. No matter how much I avoided hot weather during the summer, I become a serious heat-seeker. As soon as the temperature drops down into the low teens (celcius), I get out my winter clothes and start layering. Today I am wearing a t-shirt, two sweaters, jeans and warm fuzzy socks (plus a few additional items). It has been cold and damp lately. I feel cold and damp.

I know that I can’t wear all my winter clothes yet, because there won’t be anything to add when it really gets cold. The temperature will drop below freezing, some days will be minus 20 or lower. I remind myself that 12 degrees celcius in mid-winter would feel balmy, but it doesn’t help. Every year, I have to wait and shiver for a couple of weeks until my body adjusts. Yes, summer is gone. Live with it!

Taken on September 26, 2010

6 thoughts on “running away from autumn

    • Thanks, Leanne!
      Re winter: I know it sounds like I’m trying to make the best of a bad situation, but your body really does adjust to the winter climate. Of course you have to dress appropriately. But just imagine waking up to one of those picture postcard days when the sun is out and the fresh-fallen snow is sparkling. You will not be able to resist going outside to frolick in the snow (skate, ski, snowshoe, toboggan, etc). And when you come back inside (shedding scarves, mittens, hats, wool socks), your cheeks will be glowing and your eyes sparkling.

      Hmmm… maybe I’m beginning to look forward to winter…

  1. Live with it? That’s harsh! Run! Run!

    Your photo reminds me of the commercial that was around a year or two ago that showed a young woman walking down a sidewalk. She suddenly stops and starts pointing at the ground and screaming. The camera pans to show that she is pointing at a fall leaf.

    I could totally relate to that!

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