fall falling fallen

Last night it was just starting to rain as I let the dogs out. It was dark. The porch light didn’t come on. I missed a step and fell. Aaugh! Ouch. I landed on the top of my foot and twisted my ankle. How ironic: welcome to fall.

I have fallen badly only a few times, but my first response is always fear. I don’t know why, but that surprises me. Of course, there’s pain, and anger (well that was stupid!), but mostly an intense awareness of how fragile I am, how close to breaking.

Not that I have a history of injury. I’m cautious by nature. So far (knock on wood) I haven’t broken any bones. But I have survived a head-on collision with a car while on my bicycle (because I was wearing a helmet), and a couple of years ago I had another bad fall that left me with a purple bruise on my face and dizzy spells.

I know it could have been worse. I’m thankful that my ankle is not broken, and I don’t think the sprain is serious. I don’t like pain, but I can put up with a little soreness. Still, I’ll try to keep my weight off it for a while. It’s raining, it’s cosy indoors, it’s a good day to stay home and be pampered.

Taken on October 24, 2009


8 thoughts on “fall falling fallen

    • Thanks, Holly, so do I!
      And yes, that’s my shadow/reflection — I’m trying to avoid getting in the photo by holding the camera out in front of me. Oh well, I liked it anyway.

  1. Oh Dear! Sorry to hear about your fall, as you say very ironic, but I hope you’re up and about and doing the twist again very soon.

    Love that shot, great details in the leaves and the water.

  2. That is a beautiful photo – a rain-slicked Autumn day. Ouch, I hope you are feeling better! I agree, it is disturbing to fall, particularly as an adult. As a child, I seemed to manage falling well, it was quite understandable, climbing trees etc. I thought you were going to say that you slipped on a wet Autumn leaf, which is another hazzard of the season. Been there and done that.

    • Thanks, LivingisDetail — how lovely to hear from you! I’ve slipped on wet leaves as well, but it always seems as if the worst falls are unpredictable, like stepping the wrong way off a curb.

      My ankle is still sore, but I’m getting around on it all right. Still hobbling, off course, but that’s the best way to win a little sympathy! 😉

  3. Hope you’re mended now, eyegillian. I know what you mean about fear. When you hit the ground when you’re young, you bounce. When you hit the ground when you’re older, you break. And recovery is long and inconvenient.

    • Yes, thanks barefootheart, my ankle is almost completely back to normal (phew!). Sometime I’ll write about the wonders of Arnica.
      The funny thing is, you’d think I’d bounce — I’ve enough, er, padding. But then that would be more embarrassing…

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