to everything, turn

Already it’s the end of September, and winter is suddenly close at hand. The days seem to be rushing headlong toward the end of the year. Resist the urge to get carried along with the rush. Take a few moments to breathe; stroll for a moment through the garden before leaping into your day. Feel the cool-fingered breeze at your neck. Listen as geese fly overhead, calling to each other. Look around you; see how the leaves are changing, see how they gather in drifts at your feet.

All too soon, this burst of colour will be gone. In a few weeks, you will see the cold stars looking down through the bare fingers of trees. Look well, and drink in the season. Autumn is here, and it is already passing.

Taken on September 23, 2010


6 thoughts on “to everything, turn

  1. Beautiful, Gillian, just beautiful – the photo and your description! I look forward to fall every year for many reasons – the lower temperatures (and humidity) and cool breezes, the many colors on the trees, the start of a new school year, Halloween, hot drinks, a fire in the fireplace, etc…. your post really rings true with me! 🙂

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