end of the line

If you follow these railway lines the other direction, they head north and west and across a continent. The great Canadian railway project was a great pioneering adventure, a huge achievement in its time, traversing disparate geographies and climates, crossing swamps and rivers and mountains. When the last spike was hammered in at 9:22 am on November 7, 1885, in British Columbia, the country was symbolically unified, and the pioneer age came to an end.

People still go west, seeking adventure, opportunity, jobs. You don’t hear of people going east. East is the edge, the ocean, where the “gold” of boundless sea resources has already been spent. To many people across Canada, the Maritimes is a quaint place to visit but not to live. They may think this is the end of the line, but they are wrong; this is the beginning.

Taken on October 2, 2010


4 thoughts on “end of the line

  1. Gillian, I LOVE your composition in this photo! The lines of the tracks flow so nicely up through the image, leading the eyes to the horizon. I also enjoy reading the background stories about your photos. Nice work!!

  2. Many beautiful communities across Canada that can offer residents a rewarding life are disregarded because of the modern need for more, more, more…so often more available in the big cities.

    • I understand the big city attraction — I jumped at the chance to move away from home and live in the shadow of Toronto. I feel that my experience of living in a big city has helped me to more truly appreciate the benefits of a smaller community. Many Maritimers secretly want to return, but not everyone escapes…

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