night running

The universe doesn’t always unfold as it should… or at least not from my admittedly limited human perspective. Sometimes it seems like I’m always running uphill, missing the boat, swimming against the tide.

Take last night, for instance. I had been wanting to get outside for some fresh air and photographs all day, but when I finally grabbed my camera, it was getting dark. I went out anyway, because there was still some light in the sky and the clouds were interesting, but I only took a few photos before my hands started to freeze from the cold wind. I decided to take a nice hot shower, and discovered I had a big scrape on my leg (when? where? who knows?). When I stepped out of the show, all relaxed, there was a huge spider in the middle of my clothes pile. (Did I say HUGE?) Thankfully, LB came to my rescue. Then, after settling into a nice sleep, why was I wide awake at 3:30 am, and I’m pretty sure those weren’t sugar plums dancing around my head.

So, I have a few things on my mind. Besides my increasing concern over not yet finding a job, there’s a growing job list for the house, a half-started project my father is waiting patiently for me to complete, and the huge Thanksgiving feast that we need to plan and prepare for Sunday. Still, I know in a few days, a few months, a few years, I’ll look back and all this will seem but a tiny blip on the radar map of my life.

But for now, there’s much to do… must run!

And to all my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Taken on October 7, 2010


9 thoughts on “night running

  1. Nice contrasts in that shot.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I’m sure that’s just what it all is a small blip on the radar. Here’s to better and brighter things around the corner.

    • Thanks, Leanne! I’m an optimist at heart, so I know there’s always something good waiting, just around the next corner. Sometimes I just get impatient, that’s all. 😉

    • You’re right about things seeming worse at night. I wonder if we would feel differently if we had better night vision?
      And I’m sure the big dinner will be enjoyable, though it’s just not fair that it takes 10 times longer to prepare than to eat!

      BTW, I hope you don’t mind that I do the edits for you.

  2. Big spiders love clothes piles. It is even worse if you put on an item of clothing and then you feel that unmistakable…well, I won’t go on. When I can’t sleep, I try visualising something, like a steam train chugging slowly up a very large hill. I don’t know what that says about my psyche lol, but it usually works.

    • What is it about big spiders and clothes, Livingisdetail? I wonder if they are fashionistas at heart, forever frustrated that they can’t wear Prada and they can only accessorize their webs with, well, food.

      I’m fascinated by the chugging steam train visualization… maybe it’s the steady “huff huff” of the engine that slows your heartbeat to the optimal tempo for sleep. I must try this next time (fortunately, I am usually a very good sleeper).

  3. Spiders don’t bother me – unless I know they are crawling in my CLOTHES! It’s just the topper to what sounds like a frustrating day for you – but your photography seems to be helping you to cope with it all. I love the photo illustrating this post (and happy thanksgiving for you!).

    • Spiders don’t usually bother me either, Lisa, except when I accidentally touch them!

      What I love about photography is that it helps me to see the big picture (literally)… getting outdoors and capturing the timelessness of nature or the rhythm of the city always puts my petty frustrations into perspective.

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