taking the ferry on a fall morning


When I was young, a car ferry crossed the river at the bottom of the road a few minutes walk from home. I don’t remember taking the ferry much, but I remember the ferry store, where they had penny candy (mmm… pixie sticks) and chocolate bars and chips. The ferry landing has since moved farther down the road, but you can still take the ferry across the river, and travel almost instantly from a city suburb to the rolling countryside. It always feels like an adventure to take the ferry.

On Saturday morning we took the ferry to go to a local farmers’ market. It was cold and windy — a classic fall day — with a bright blue sky and rich oranges and reds decorating the hills. When we returned (with fresh garlic, apple cider, red cabbage and eggs), the line-up for the ferry was a kilometre long. I looked at all the people bundled up in their cars as we drove by. I hope it still feels like an adventure to them as well!

Taken on October 9, 2010


4 thoughts on “taking the ferry on a fall morning

  1. A ferry to the farmers’ market! How cool is that? It amazes me that these small ferries havent’ given way to “progress”. There are a few in Ontario still too.

    I remember blackballs best. Three for a penny!

    • Some of these small ferries are under threat, barefootheart. Last year the provincial government tried to cut the funding for several of the smaller ferries that see only occasional traffic, and there was a great outcry from the public. Eventually the government backed down, but I’m sure the issue will come up again.

      I don’t remember blackballs… but then there’s lots I don’t remember.

  2. Now I’d love to do that, take a ferry to the city rather than crawl in traffic, bumper to bumper for nearly an hour to even get to see the countryside. One day, we will live in countryside and I don’t really care where, but it will happen. I long for the peacefulness.

    Nice shot and colours too.

    • When I was living in Toronto, Leanne, I met a lot of people who lived in the country and did just that — spent hours in their cars each day commuting to and from the city. Here in Saint John, you can drive across the city in 15 minutes, and good country properties are within reach. I understand the attraction!

      I worked with someone last year who lives on the Peninsula, and he occasionally rode his bike to work and took the ferry across the river. You’d have to be really fit — Saint John is hilly!

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