walking (with dogs) in the forest

I love walking through the woods, and on a beautiful fall Thanksgiving Monday with colour still on the trees and the sky deep blue, who could resist? So I grabbed my camera and we headed to Rockwood Park, along with the dogs — we have two Cardigan Welsh Corgis — one for each of us.

Some might say dogs and cameras don’t mix. It’s true that I don’t carry my tripod or other camera equipment, and I don’t stop at scenic locations for a period of extended shooting. I tend to take the opportunities as they come, which usually means I look around when the dogs find something interesting to sniff. Or sometimes they’ll wait in one not-so-interesting spot, if I ask firmly, for long enough for me to take a couple of snaps. I suppose a part of me (the contrary part) enjoys the challenge of taking photos with a heavy dslr in one hand while holding the leash of an enthusiastic dog in the other.

So I had quite a few blurry photos. And a lovely walk in the woods.

Taken on October 11, 2010


4 thoughts on “walking (with dogs) in the forest

  1. You achieved the ultimate, you had a nice time, that’s all that really matters. A smile and contentment is worth alot these days. Welsh corgis, gee I haven’t seen one of those before me since I was a kid, lovely dogs.

    Nice blurvision shot, the movement almost looks like brushstrokes.

    • Thanks, Leanne. I do try not to get too caught up in the race for a perfect photo… and I do enjoy getting out in the fresh air and getting some fresh ideas! And blur is kinda fun, especially when it turns out as if I’d intentionally created it this way!

      And yes, our corgis are dear dogs and wonderful companions. Compared to them, other dogs look a bit on the “leggy” side!

    • I’ve actually taken a few photos from a horse, on my only ever trail ride in NZ, and I admit the side-to-side and up-and-down movements made it tricky for a noob like me. I do like the view from higher up, though!

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