closed for the season

Someone drowned at this beach. It happened just over a month ago, when there are no lifeguards on duty — the beach had officialy closed for the season the weekend before — but it was a warm sunny day and the beach was crowded. The Fisher Lakes are deceptively deep, and you can get in over your head if you go far from the beach. He was only under for 5 minutes before other swimmers pulled him out, but it was too late.

As I’m remembering this incident — this tragedy that happened so quickly — I’m watching the live feed of the Chilean miners emerging one-by-one after having been underground for 69 days. It is a miracle that they survived and have lived to see this day of freedom.

But some do not survive. That is the tragedy: that what might be possible does not happen, that someone drowns so close to shore, that 25 people died in a West Virginia coal mine, that so many accidents cost so many lives.

I would like to hear that safety comes before profits. I would like news reports to say a tragic death could not be prevented, that the safety record is 100%, that the season of fatal injuries has come to a close.

Taken on November 1, 2009

4 thoughts on “closed for the season

  1. Ah, this Vale of Tears. In a related thread, back when Terry Fox passed away, our local paper ran a political cartoon, a sketch of a general with a wooden leg. The caption read “I look forward to the day when the government supports cancer research and one-legged generals run across the country to raise money for wars.”

  2. first off I love the shot, great colours.

    secondly, I’m sure there are some places that put safety first, but today there is alot of greed about and the almighty dollar comes first and people, families suffer. I’d love a world where people still respected one another, their elders, their place in this society and cut out the greed, the place would be alot nicer.

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