last glimpse of fall colour

last glimpse of fall

October is half over, autumn’s colour is fading. Frost has touched the forest, turning the fiery red and yellow leaves dull and rusty. A wild wind dances through the trees, and the leaves dance with it, twirling and tumbling through the air. Many birch and maple leaves have already fallen, leaving bare gaps between the spruces and pines. We can see the sky through the poplar now, while the oak — that strong-willed spirit — is slower to relinquish its crown.

This is not the end of autumn, as some think, but the heart of it. The show of colour gives way to the fall itself, to the crunch of leaves underfoot as they break and scatter and enrich the earth. Walk, walk now as the fields turn brown and the leaves fly. Drink in the last mild days as the colour fades, before the wind sweeps us all into winter.

Taken on October 11, 2010


12 thoughts on “last glimpse of fall colour

    • The weather has changed here as well — today we’re in the midst of a Nor’easter, and my how the trees are bowing before the wind and rain! I expect to see more bare branches by the end of this.

  1. love the photo, depicts autumn so well, but your words, well they made me feel like I was standing there right in that shot feeling it, smelling it, experiencing it. Beautiful words, seriously.

  2. Reading the comments here, I have to add something about the words too. I found it so beautiful, and my first reaction was; ‘I’ll never be able to write like that, no matter how good my English gets.’ As the day went along, I kept coming back to this thought, realizing that I couldn’t have written it even in my own language [Swedish].

    • Oh thank you for such a wonderful compliment, Rebekah. Your English seems very fluent to me; at any rate I am sure you can express yourself beautifully in Swedish, given the inspiration and opportunity. I don’t always write like this either; I guess I just felt “poetical” today!

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