the world awakes

the world awakes

I grew up in Millidgeville, a suburb on the north edge of Saint John where it meets the Kennebecasis River. In the winter, we skated on the river, dodging snow drifts and cracks as we traced a path across the smooth ice. In the summertime, we swam at the beach a little way up the road. We had a good view of the river from our house, and I loved to watch the clouds, the sunsets, the early morning light change and glow as it hit the water.

I was in my old neighbourhood the other morning just before dawn, and couldn’t resist stopping for a moment to watch the river. A cold breeze was blowing from the west as I drove to the end of a nearby road. As I walked toward the shoreline, watching the rising sun redden the hills across the river, I found a small wetland next to a new housing development. I heard a hoarse call and watched a kingfisher fly swiftly across the water’s surface. As if on cue, two mallard ducks emerged from their nest in the tall grasses, wending their way toward the river. The sun rose, and the wind blew more strongly. My hands were frozen. Feeling cold, but awake, I headed home.

Taken on October 18, 2010


6 thoughts on “the world awakes

  1. lovely place and love your description.

    I’ve always been an early riser, up before the sun, it’s the best time of the day, it’s quiet and then you start to hear the birds, I’m so at peace at that time and of course makes for great photos. I’m never in a rush at this time, then when the sun really appears things change, not sure why but it’s “get your skates on and move” time.

    • Thanks, Leanne. I know what you mean, when I get up early I love that not-rushed feeling. But it’s so easy to forget how good that feels when the days get shorter, and it’s still dark out, and the room is cold, and the bed is soooo warm and cosy…!

    • It does look like a still, calm scene, barefootheart. but this is actually a good example of how photos don’t tell the whole story… As I was taking this, right behind me, local residents were driving to work, someone was rolling their garbage to the curb, and members of a construction crew were climbing up on a roof of a nearly finished house. I should be more like those ducks, minding my own business, not letting the world impinge on my serenity!

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