red berries, ready for winter

rowan berries

Today is — according to the weather forecast — the last mild day of fall. I’ve acclimatized to this first change, finding that 10 degrees celcius does not feel cold after all. But after today, it turns rainy and and cold, and then sunny and cold, and then just cold… that’s when the winter coats will come out.

So I’m harvesting vegetables. I’ve been out in the garden today pulling carrots and parsnips, leeks and celeraic, and adding the last of the zucchini plants to the compost pile. Two sweet peppers I’ve potted up to see if they survive long enough to grow their pistachio-sized sweet peppers into something big enough to eat. The tomatoes, cucumbers and onions have already been picked and eaten (or preserved), and all that’s left of our scarlet runners are a few dry beans ready for planting next year.

The birds and animals have been scurrying around, collecting their harvest as well. Our rowan tree has been picked clean (I don’t know why this one in an uptown park is still covered with berries) and wild creatures of all sorts have made the wild apples behind the fence disappear. The chickadees are back at the feeder, and the purple finches and American goldfinches that kept us entertained all summer have flown south. We have a few more tasks to do — rake more leaves for mulch, empty the garden hose, store the window boxes and whirlygig, and put winter tires on the car — and then we’ll be ready. Are you ready for winter?

Taken on October 2, 2010


7 thoughts on “red berries, ready for winter

  1. A beautiful tree and I love that path disappearing across the road.

    I’m so over Winter and enjoying these warmer and finer days that have arrived.

    Our birds are appearing more and more in our garden too and I do love to watch them bathe in the pond and scurry about their business.

    I hope your Winter is a “normal” one and not something like ours was the coldest in 15 years, not that we are anywhere near as cold as you, but still, we all felt it.

    • I was thinking of you, Leanne, as I wrote “are you ready for winter”… somehow being ready for spring sounds so much easier. Thanks for the description of your garden — as the temperature drops, I will try to picture myself in Australia, enjoying the warm spring weather! And yes, a normal winter would be good — I do hope it doesn’t break any records, cold-wise, as the cost of heating can go through the roof (literally).

    • We call them Rowan trees, but they are different from the European Rowan. They are also called the American Mountain Ash, which apparently is not an ash at all… Anyway, they are lovely, aren’t they!
      And, well, January — nobody’s ready for January — all you can do is try to make the 12 days of Christmas last a little longer (mmm… mince pies and hot buttered rum… something to look forward to).

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