storm and stress

stormy afternoon

Storms are like operas. At the start, you can sense the dark clouds building on the horizon, the impending doom. In the midst of the storm, there is a lot of wind and wild movement, small creatures run away and copious tears are shed. The German term sturm und drang (storm and stress) describes well the extremes of emotion expressed during the height of an operatic storm.

Then there is a lull, a deceptively peaceful period when the eye of the storm passes over and it seems that love will prevail, after all. You have a moment to lean back and take a sip of wine, but — watch out — the 2nd act is more dramatic than the first, so hold on to your seat! Again the wind comes howling through, tossing limbs and bending strong trees to the ground. Again the chorus of sirens, as lightning strikes and fire rages. Again the shedding of copious tears, the heartbreak, the tragedy of untimely loss.

At last — yes, once the well-endowed soprano has sung her final dying note — it ends. The world has been scoured and refreshed, the storm has passed on and life will continue. Catharsis, and peace. Tension, and release. Storm, and silence.

Taken on October 15, 2010


4 thoughts on “storm and stress

  1. you’ve described the storms we would get when we lived in Queensland to a “t”, thank goodness they are so mild if ever down here in Victoria.

    Love the shot of the leaves on the ground and their colours. Are my eyes deceiving me or is there a figure standing in the front yard with a pumpkin for a head? (I haven’t had my coffee yet, barely awake even).

    • Thanks for coming by, Leanne — even before you’ve had your coffee! I took this photo as a Nor’easter was passing through last week… fortunately most of our storms are less dramatic.

      Your eyes aren’t deceiving you: there is a figure in the front yard, a pumpkin-headed mannequin, part of our neighbours’ Hallowe’en decorations.

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