raking in a starring role

autumn leaves

Yesterday I spent much of the day outdoors. Only a light breeze was blowing, so it was a good day to rake the leaves and tidy up the fallen branches from the recent storm. I did my best to mulch them as I raked, filling up the garbage can with leaves and then using the weed whipper to break them up and speed the decomposition process. All the leaves were piled in a mesh enclosure in the back of our garden to await the spring, when they will be dug into the garden to enrich the soil.

As I was working out in the front yard, a CBC van pulled up and the driver asked if I would be willing to be on TV! Of course I said, “Sure”. He filmed me raking the leaves, and then I looked at the camera, identified myself, and then asked Peter what the weather would be like tomorrow. Apparently it was to be used as a lead-in to the weather forecast, and Peter is the local meteorologist on the evening newscast. I didn’t get to hear how Peter answered me, however, as we don’t have a TV. I hope somebody saw me in my brief starring role! If everyone has 15 minutes of fame, I wonder how many minutes I have left?

Photo taken on November 6, 2009

7 thoughts on “raking in a starring role

  1. That is a stunning photo! Did you find out whether you made it onto TV?

    I’ve shared your post on my Facebook page as one of my two fave posts for today. (It’s my new project of sharing the blogs I like … one or two a day on my FB page to share with my friends)

    • Thanks for dropping by, Herby! I talked to some friends tonight, who said they recognized me in the pre-weather slot. Apparently the news anchor said he’d like to invite me to come over and rake his leaves for him! Would have been fun to catch, but I’m glad someone told me about it.

      And, oh wow, what an honour to be featured on your Facebook page. Thank you.

  2. Whoa…first off; I’ve been missing in action here. Several posts that I haven’t seen! Thought I was subscribed to this, but apparently not. Now I am, though.

    This was kind of funny … TWO people I know in SJ on TV the same day.

    I watched the news that night, but missed you. Must have done something else right then. My husband saw it and remembered it because he’d thought «here’s at least a person who can talk ..very good diction!» Otherwise he wouldn’t have remembered (c:

    • I’m glad you’ve subscribed, Rebekah! I’m finding it hard to keep track of you, though — when I checked the address you used here (honeyham.wordpress.com), you have a site with no content. Are you moving again?
      The TV spot — pretty amazing. For once, I wished I had a TV to watch me (how narcissistic). I’m really tickled about your husband noticing my good diction; I wouldn’t have known!

      • No, not moving at all…it was just that I had somehow messed up the emails I was signed up for WP with. I’ll only use one ..this.

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