the road ahead

the road ahead

Who’s driving? Well, I am. OK, let’s ignore the fact that I may or may not be so foolish as to take photographs while driving down the highway at 112 km/hr (you must promise to never try this, ever). The point is, I’m driving. It’s my choice. Or fate, perhaps. But even I can’t be lucky forever.

The point is, it’s my life (long may it continue). And I’m realizing that there are a lot of choices I could be making right now if I wasn’t waiting for other people to make them. I’m waiting for other people to decide to hire me, or the right opportunity to come along and slap me upside the head. In the meantime, while I may think I’m the one in the driver’s seat, I’m going nowhere fast.

If my life was a map, and I could see the route I’ve taken so far, which would it be:

1. going in circles
2. heading off madly in all directions, or
3. a tour of interesting landmarks and the occasional breathtaking vista.

If I could actually see the map in advance, I’d take route number three, every time. Maybe it’s time to stop spinning my wheels in the fast lane and explore a winding country road. Maybe there’ll be something interesting around that next corner.

Photo taken on October 30, 2010


8 thoughts on “the road ahead

  1. I’m glad you were able to keep control of the car while taking this picture (I had to convert km to miles/hour 🙂 )! Life does take some crazy twists and turns from time to time – I wish you good luck!!

  2. Yes, it feel frustrating when you feel that you’re not in charge of making the choices. Other times, we make choices … little choices, that we hardly reflect upon, that affect our whole lives. Looking back, say … ten years in time, I can recall choices I made that changed the direction of my life. «Had I not done this, that wouldn’t have happened»…and so on — it gets like a mosaic! 🙂 This could get really deep, so good luck and there’s always something around the corner..

    • You’re right, Rebekah, it’s a complicated web of choices that leads to where we are, right now. I guess if it was easier to figure out, we’d could see where we were headed, instead of just guessing! Oh well, as they say, life is the journey, not the destination.

  3. I can totally relate Holly! The photo is gorgeous! Whether or not you were driving is your choice because like you say, it’s your life.

    I have done some crazy things driving at 112kph so would never say anything 😉

    I’ve shared this on my Facebook page because your words really resonate with me. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. I love these moody vistas. Very emotive.

    There is a painting by Paul Klee called Highway.

    I had to write an interpretation of it for a class once. I wrote that you can travel the straight, predictable path, but if you take the twisting side roads, your trip will be a lot more interesting. Later, I read a critique that interpreted the painting as meaning you should stay on the straight and narrow or you’ll never get to your destination. Interpretion is in the heart of the beholder.

    • Thanks for the link to the Paul Klee painting, barefootheart. I’ve heard of the painter, but haven’t really looked closely at his works. Fascinating style, and amazing how many musical interpretations there seem to be! Regarding Highway, I like your interpretation better… so many wonderful paths to explore!

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