through the window

through the window

New England has sent us a storm today; the forecasters predict upwards of 50mm of rain. I heard it beating in waves against the windows last night, along with a wind that howls up from the valley and thrums under the eaves. The city is dark, and the black-paved streets and deep puddles swallow light and create bizarre reflections; down the street I see a bright yellow school bus leading a parade of cautious cars. Drivers hunch over their steering wheels, their windshield wipers just out-of-sync with those of the car behind.

I am heading uptown in an hour, knowing the rain will drive sideways as I scurry around tall buildings, knowing the water will pour in rivers down the steep alleys and my feet will get wet. I will wear my yellow rain jacket and walk quickly. When I come home again, I will run inside, dripping, rain-tossed and bedraggled. My glasses will steam up from the warm house and there will be fresh homemade bread and baked beans. And I will be grateful that it is not yet winter.

Photo taken on October 24, 2009

10 thoughts on “through the window

  1. This could have come down as snow, just as well. I just came back from the Superstore. It felt strange, because somehow I expected it to be cold, but the wind is so warm.
    I’m grateful to be able to stay here at home now — I’ll enjoy watching this from the inside.

    I don’t know why they find it hard to comment here … maybe they don’t scroll down?!

    • It sure is wet today! I guess it’s good that it’s not snowing, but we’ve just discovered rain coming in the back door, and dripping in onto the kitchen table from the ceiling, so I’m thinking right now that snow might have been better! Or maybe it’s just that there’s too much all at one time! There’s flooding around town, the Red Head road is closed, and the high tide was almost at the top of the wharves uptown.

      Re comments from Facebook, I haven’t bothered trying to figure it out. Sometimes it seems ridiculously hard to get everything coordinated online — why can’t different sites “play nice”?

  2. I have a weakness for through the window shots and this one is such a creative capture. Usually the window shots mute color, but yours really makes the colors pop — it’s like a painting. Beautiful!

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