a standing ovation

anniversary gift

Saint John has made a really big deal of its 225th anniversary celebrations this year. I remember the Bicentennial — that was a party! But a lot has changed in the last 25 years since that landmark event, and the city deserves to celebrate its continued survival.

It’s more than survival, it’s “thrival”. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a new sense of energy in this city. Cruise ships are visiting throughout the summer and fall, and the waterfront and Harbour Passage area have really spiffed up one of our main assets. There is a vibrant music and arts culture here, and enough business and industry to provide a sense of well-being for much of the population. The community is active with all sorts of fund-raising programs and initiatives to improve life for people in priority neighbourhoods. There is still a lot of poverty and hardship, but there is also a lot of optimism.

This year’s highlights have included a culture festival, several musical concerts, a new arts awards celebration, a special historical celebration, a speaker series, an initiative to collect local stories, a mascot, a special community gala celebration, and the commissioning of a sculpture. And to celebrate all this, they put together a pretty impressive short film. Check it out: Saint John Arts & Culture – Then and Now. Happy birthday, Saint John!

Photo taken on September 25, 2010


7 thoughts on “a standing ovation

  1. I’ve loved that clock since day 1.

    That was interesting to learn, that a similar clock had been seen in old photos. I’ll ask my husband to look for that — he’s really into old stuff about Saint John.

    I’m in full agreement with you … I see the poverty almost daily, but no real hopelessness. The spirit of this little city is one of the things I love the most.

    • I didn’t like the clock at first, Rebekah, but then I saw it in an old photo, so I’ve decided it can stay ;). There’s a few old photos on the skywalk level of the TD Bank — take the door opposite Tim Hortons and walk toward the banking machine, and I think it’s along the corridor there.

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