between seasons

Hammond River, late afternoon

The days are getting so short. It’s still dark when I get up in the morning, and the sun has set by suppertime. Autumn’s spectacular display of colour has been swept away by the November storms, and now the trees stand bare and waiting.

Autumn is over, and winter has not yet begun. We have feasted in celebration of Thanksgiving (except for our friends in the States), the ritual of Hallowe’en has passed in a shower of candy, and the season of Advent will soon begin. Before the last-minute Christmas panic sets in, before the cold weather arrives to stay, there are a few precious days. This is the time for looking back and planning ahead, reflection and preparation, as we anticipate the miracle of Christmas and the gift of light.

Photo taken on November 13, 2010


5 thoughts on “between seasons

  1. How pretty! I have to remember to include people in more of my photos, sometimes it’s hard to tell just how big or small something is unless it’s next to somebody…. adds more of a personal feel, too.

    We definitely are getting close to the snowy weather! The day after Thanksgiving (in the US) is the official start of Christmas shopping season, and that’s when the mad rush of shopping begins to get all of it done before the first major snowfall (people don’t like to go out in the snow too much here). When it’s done, you can just kick back with your winter drink of choice, put on your warm fleece or flannel, sit by the fireplace (if you’re lucky enough to have one – we don’t), and enjoy being inside!!

    • Thanks, Holly! It’s interesting that you commented on the person — I actually took a number of photos before he appeared on the scene, but decided that this image was best for exactly the reasons you mention.

      I’ve heard about the mad post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas shopping rush in the U.S. I’m glad that we have a longer gap between the two feast days here.

      And yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the snow brighten up the bleak landscape, and being warm and cosy at home, even though we don’t have a fireplace… the dogs are handy lap-warmers, though!

  2. Funny, because I had some similar thoughts today 🙂
    The older I get, the more I seem to appreciate our four seasons. I’m ready for Winter, so let it snow! As long as we don’t get one of those ice/rain storms.

    We take it rather easy at Christmas. Usually Gerry’s son comes down from QC, but this time he won’t come until the week in between Christmas and New Years.

    • Yes, hurray for four seasons! I have relatives in New Zealand, and they have to mow their lawns all year round. I prefer to have a bit of variety… even if that includes snow and ice (more snow than ice would be nice)! 🙂

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