going around the bend

autumn road

So here we are, on the road of life. Something good may be “just around the corner”, and “turning the corner” is a sign of hope. Yet “going around the bend” can be “a turn for the worst”, perhaps because a sharp bend in the road often precedes an accident.

But no matter how we look at it, turning corners and going around the bend is movement, it’s not sitting still wondering which fork in the road to follow. Right now I’m trying to decide whether to take the safe road of employment, if I can find work that meets the minimum requirements of my household, or taking a new road, trying my hand at freelance writing and part-time work instead. It’s a question of security versus freedom, working for someone else or being responsible for my own keep. I suppose there might be a third route, before the roads diverge: I might test out the freelancing idea while getting my main income from another source, just to see how it works out. I’m not sure if I will “go around the bend” living hand to mouth, but I have to admit that after being home for five months, I’m feeling reluctant to get back to “the daily grind”, working 9-5 for somebody else.

Who knows what’s around the bend? I’m looking forward to finding out!

Come on the rising wind,
We’re going up around the bend.
– Creedance Clearwater Revival

Photo taken on November 1, 2009

10 thoughts on “going around the bend

    • Thank you Tracy for visiting my blog and your kind comment! I don’t understand your reference to Sephardic Jews, except that they were kicked out of Spain in the 15th century (not quite going around the bend) but I’ll leave it there in the hope you’ll come back and tell me more. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Don! Sometimes I feel confident, and sometimes I feel like an imposter wearing confident clothing. Maybe I just need to make more convincing clothing?!

  1. You have some interesting decisions to make … and a little scary too, I would imagine. If you do have a gut feeling about all this … trust it. What is the absolutely worst that could happen?

    After almost seven years of not working, I would find it very difficult to go back to the daily grind, but if I had to, I could do it. Would take some time of adjustment. [I tried it for two days last year :o) but that’s another story]

    We never know what’s behind that bend and that’s what makes life so beautiful.

    Thank you for the reminder of that Creedence song. They were part and parcel of my youth … and so good!

    • I laughed when you saw your comment about my “gut feeling”, Rebekah, because that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do. The trouble is that my gut feeling is scared/excited. What am I supposed to do with that? Still trying to work out the difference between scared=good and scared= bad… ;o

    • If only… that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it barefootheart! If only I could be sure that it’s not a dead end trail. If only I could see a little farther ahead before it’s too late to change my mind… It reminds me of the explanation I once found for the Chinese characters for challenge, using the characters for risk and opportunity.

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