city landscape with deer

city landscape with deer

A news report in the paper recently mentioned how there were fewer deer “caught” during the recent hunting season because the local deer population has become urbanized.

Now that the deer have moved into the city, they will increasingly become prey to fashion instead of hunters. Their taste for hostas and tulips will evolve as they discover the joy of doughnuts and coffee. They will cultivate an interest in furniture and floral tablecloths, and start attending parades and Shakespeare in the Park. They will learn step-dancing and become expert topiarists.

They will become part of our landscape, just as we are already part of theirs.

Taken on November 27, 2010

10 thoughts on “city landscape with deer

    • I love your photo of the deer dancing, Rebekah. Looks more like ballroom than step-dancing… they are such talented creatures! And if they’re hanging out in the playground, well, now I’m picturing them skipping rope, double-time. The future is upon us! (Oh, deer!)

  1. If you clipped down the deer section, you could be out in the wilds. Hey, you’ve got snow! Ottawa has the same problem. There is a much larger deer population in the greenbelt around the city than out in rural areas, where hunters and coyotes keep the numbers down. There are commonly half a dozen car/deer collisions up near Ottawa in the fall, when breeding season has the deer on the move.

    • The wild space is the field right behind our house; because it used to be a rifle range, it will hopefully remain a “waste” lot for some time to come. The snow is here today, but will be gone tomorrow — a week of rain is in the forecast.

      It sounds like Ottawa has the same problem, but much worse! A deer ran across the highway just in front of my car the other day, but I swerved in time. If I had to choose, I’d rather hit a deer than a moose.

    • Our first real snowfall has stayed for quite a while. It would be nice if there was more snow than rain this winter… or at least if the temperature would stay on the cool side of freezing!

  2. When they start getting in line at Starbucks, that’s when I’m moving into to the wild 🙂

    Great capture! A beautiful photo, contrast is amazing.

    Area where you took this looks familiar.

    • Ha, that would be funny, Don — imagine trading places… we can all go “back to the land” while the animals take over the urban spaces. Or has that already happened?

      This is in the North End, a field overlooking Crescent Valley — we frequently see deer here.

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