cat & crochet

I’ve been flitting about like a moth today, touching on half-a-dozen projects that need to be completed, bouncing between one task and another. There is so much to do that I’m having trouble settling on one thing.

There is music to practice for next week’s choir concert, my annual calendars I’ve resolved to actually get printed this year, photographs that need to be processed, and I’d really like to bake some bread. I have two unfinished sweaters that will not be knitted in time for Christmas (again!) and a cushion cover that is still waiting to be completed weeks after the sewing machine returned from the repair shop. Starting projects is always so much easier than finishing them!

Yesterday I went on a daytrip with my parents, driving across the U.S. border for a little light shopping in Calais. It was a wonderful escape, but today I feel the clock ticking. With Christmas now officially on the calendar (ack), I need to prioritize, organize, energize. I need to settle in, settle down, settle on one thing… and hopefully the rest will follow!

Photo taken on November 20, 2009


10 thoughts on “settle

  1. Why is it that there is a span of 12 months between each Christmas and we are still rushing to do things at the last minute?

    Beautiful and maybe very playful cat you have there. Beautiful photo!

    • That’s brilliant, LB — except there are so many things I couldn’t possibly start and finish in an hour — are we willing to do without fresh homemade bread, or would you mind if your knitted sweater only has one cuff? However, I believe we as a society are already halfway there, if texting, tweeting and modern media-fed short attention spans are any indication.

    • Thanks for understanding, Herby! Part of the problem for me is that I don’t start thinking about Christmas until it’s only a month away… you’d think I’d learn by now!

  2. Oh, my … it’s snowing here, in the blog 🙂

    Boy, can I relate to that … not being able to settle on one project. Not so much about the Christmas thing … we take it very easy here.

    It’s nice to go to Calais every now and then, even though there’s basically just Walmart and the grocery store. I have yet to go to Bangor — never been there, only seen it from a distance.

    • I’m glad you like the snow, Rebekah, I was afraid it might be too distracting. I discovered it yesterday, it’s a special blog tweak for the season. I wonder if you have that option on the self-hosted WP?

      My parents used to go to Bangor twice a year but my dad doesn’t like to drive very far now. I thought it was fun just to go across the border and see what was different. The shopping was (yawn), but lunch was generous and delicious!

  3. Turning that calendar page over to December really cranks up the pressure, doesn’t it? Yikes! Just 3 more weeks to get ready!
    Was you kitty able to resist lending a helping paw?

    • Three more weeks, yes the pressure is on barefootheart! I try really hard to resist the craziness, but I always find I have to “trim my sails” and simplify my Christmas plans. Once we’ve put up the outside lights today or tomorrow, we’ll make a list and decide what can be put off until after Christmas. That should help to keep us from going crazy!

      And yes, Cuca loves yarn. He often gets a bit of scrap yarn to play with so he can “help” without getting in the way!

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