the snow begins to fall

the snow begins to fall

Last night was the Carleton Choristers’ Christmas concert. The day after a concert feels wonderful, particularly if the concert went well — and it did! I was extra nervous because my partner and I were on the program: I played the harp and she sang and played recorder, performing an arrangement we had created from an obscure minor key version of the Sussex Carol combined with a fiddle tune called Casey’s Hornpipe.

[We both love minor keys and early music, and were inspired in part by the exquisite and entertaining performances of The Toronto Consort, which we enjoyed for several years when we lived in Toronto. But that’s another story.]

We joined this choir when we moved to Saint John, partly because my parents can no longer drive at night. This is a community choir, and for us, a family choir as well: my parents have been with the choir since it started about 12 years ago, and at one time, two aunts, an uncle and a cousin were also singing in this choir. Currently there are about 40 members, and when the choir is in full voice, like it was last night, oh what a glorious wave of sound!

So I woke up this morning with music on my mind, listening to one of my favourites from the concert, a hauntingly beautiful song called “When the Snow Begins to Fall”. Here is the chorus, to carry you through the day:

see it floating through the air, gently falling everywhere
all the world’s asleep tonight as the ground turns white
see it drifting from above, ’tis a time of peace and love
as the snow begins to fall.
Andy Beck

Photo taken on November 24, 2010


12 thoughts on “the snow begins to fall

  1. First off; I LOVE that photo! Can’t really explain why, but I fell for it right away. Maybe the color scheme of it… or the mood. I’m heading over to Flicker now, to favorite it.

    I wish I’d pulled myself together last night and gone to that concert.

    Those lines, about the falling snow, were so beautiful, and it IS beautiful outside right now. Wish it would stay this way.

    • Thanks, Rebekah! I’m pleased to see that the snowflakes are coming down just like that right now — I love watching their unhurried drifting dance through the air. It feels very magical.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say I was a talented harper, Lisa, but I do love the way it sounds wonderful no matter what you do! I sold my piano a couple of years ago and bought a lever harp. That was after a year of lessons with a fabulous teacher when I was still living in Toronto. I’m still definitely in the learning stage, trying to teach myself and put into practice what I’ve learned, but one of these days I’ll have to find a teacher here to help me with the more advanced technique.

  2. Harps! Recorders! Singing! Writing! All that and a gorgeous photo too!

    The photo is beautiful. Tranquil and yet hauntng. I love it. And the snowflakes falling across the web page and the picture really add to the effect.

  3. Congratulations on your successful concert. How nice that the choir is a family affair.

    That’s a pretty lyric. One of my favorite snow songs is Raffi…Snow is falling on Douglas Mountain…putting all the bears to sleep.

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