(for every) madonna and child

madonna and child

One of the good things about this season are all the increased efforts to help others, especially children and struggling families. Here in Saint John, the big event was the Empty Stocking Fund, a region-wide telethon that featured children performing on TV raising money so that other children can have something under their Christmas tree. Another big fund raiser is the Harbour Lights campaign which raises money for food banks in southern New Brunswick. Many workplaces, churches and community organizations raise money to support projects around the city at this time of year, and the Salvation Army kettles (they even have an ikettle this year) are out in all the shopping centres collecting change to support their work with the homeless and poor. I’ve made a few contributions so far, and I plan to support another program or two before Christmas. Even small donations can help people in need. Who is on your year-end donation list?

Photo taken on November 26, 2010


4 thoughts on “(for every) madonna and child

  1. In our apt. building, there’s a big box downstairs, where people can put stuff that will be donated to little children in need. This started last year, and was a big success, so they decided to continue.

    Last year, just a few days before Christmas, there was a fire on Bryden St. Two families with little children were homeless. I donated stuff to them.

    There was a central place [the police in North End], where you could leave donations, and it was heartwarming to see how the Saint Johners pitched in.

    • The big box in your apartment building sounds like a great idea, Rebekah. Do you know where the stuff is going?

      I really do think it’s amazing how people give whatever they have whenever there’s a fire or other loss. I think it must be easier to feel generous when it’s a one-time response, rather than trying to help with a situation that just never seems to go away (poverty, for example). Or maybe it just makes a difference when you know who you are helping out, when you can give them a face and a name — I know that sure makes a difference for me!

    • Thanks for the link to the wildlife sanctuary, this is the kind of place that says “St. Francis of Assisi” to me. I think the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and wounded animals should be part of the mission of zoos (as well, or instead of?). I know some of the larger ones, like the Toronto Zoo, participate in saving and reintroducing endangered species, and that is work that takes a great deal of time and patience (and money), but I believe it is hopeful and helpful work. Can you imagine the difference if military spending was refunneled to eradicating poverty and protecting the biodiversity of the planet. OK, now I’m dreaming…

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